Hap Seng Group has set itself to operate in the strictest standards of corporate governance environment by ensuring that it is in compliance with statutory and regulatory guidelines as dictated by the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance as well as the main Listing Requirement of Bursa Malaysia Securities (Listing requirements).

In complementing the regulatory guidelines, Hap Seng Group has established five fundamental codes of conduct to instil and promote appropriate standards of conduct and ethical practices.

The code of conduct applies to our Board of Directors, the management as well as to all Hap Seng Group’s employees. The code sets to prevent conflict of interest of the board members, management and staff while setting the parameter between work and personal activity.

A key initiative is the whistleblower conduct that allows employees as well as external parties to report suspected non-compliance of the code of conduct without fear of reprisal.

Five code of Conduct Principles adopted by Hap Seng Group

Honesty & Integrity

must be honest and fair in all business dealings with all stakeholders


must maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

Compliance with law

must comply with all laws

Whistle blowing

encourage employees to disclose malpractise or misconduct

Conflict of interest

must avoid situation that present or create the appearance of potential conflict between own interest and that of the company